EMR/EHR Implementation Models for Medical Practice

Three Types of EMR/EHR System Models: There are three topologies that a medical practice can choose to implement. One is the SaaS model, the second is the in-house server model, and the third is a hybrid of the earlier two. Your choice in selecting one of these models will determine who bears the responsibility of […]

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IBM’s Watson and the New Medical Diagnosis

IBM’s Watson In February of 2011, IBM set a series of Jeopardy matches between the show’s highest ranked contestants against its $100 million computer named Watson. With the ability of natural speech recognition and specialized algorithms that could parse through 200 million pages of data in under three seconds, Watson was able to defeat the […]


Digital Input – Dawn of Digitizing Records

Tough to Give Up Centuries Worth of Habit Sure it would be nice to switch all of our paper media to digital ones, but is it really feasible? Pen and paper have gone hand in hand for millennia and today’s rapid pace of technological evolution seems to have surpassed our biological evolution of the brain. […]

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Media Player Gone are the days where you would need to burn a video or audio file to a DVD or CD in order to play it on a TV or theatre system. With the WDTV Live media player, one only needs to connect the device via a network connection or USB to play almost […]